Analytics Using Data Mining for Forecastingthe Risk Characteristics of Real Estate Funds
일반 공동주택 대비 패시브 공동주택의 난방에너지 소요량 및 경제성 분석 - 제로카본 그린홈 사례를 중심으로 -
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1k):111-132.
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A Study on Forecasting Model for Apartment Housing Price Index Reflecting Model Uncertainty: Focused on BMS, BMA
J. Real Estate Anal. 2015;1(1e):27-52.
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A Study on Enhancement to the Overall Management of the Special Cases of State Property
국유재산특례의 총괄관리 강화방안에 관한 연구
J. Real Estate Anal. 2020;6(1):101-112.
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About Journal of Real Estate Analysis

The Journal of Real Estate Analysis (JREA) is dedicated to promote the research based information related with real estate anlaysis. The official title of the journal is ‘Journal of Real Estate Analysis’ and the abbreviated title is ‘J. Real Estate Anal.’ It was launched in 2015. JREA welcomes original articles on basic and applied results in the area of policy research, appraisal, public announcement, market analysis, global cooperation, statisctics, management, green construction. Categories of papers open for submission are articles, reviews and research notes. It is published triannully at the end of last day of April, July, and November each year. The Journal of Real Estate Analysis is indexed by Crossref.

About KAB Real Estate Research Institute

Since its foundation in 1969, the Korea Appraisal Board prides itself for being the core foundation of South Korea’s real estate appraisal industry. Since 1989, the KAB Real Estate Research Institute (KAB Real Estate Research Inst.) has been a part of the Korea Appraisal Board with its former name, KAB Real Estate Valuation Research and Training Institute. As a public enterprise specialized in real estate research - valuation - statistical analysis, the organization currently supports domestic real estate valuation and governmental real estate policy efforts. In addition, through analyzing the real estate market with government approved data, the KAB Real Estate Research Inst. provides objective and accurate real estate market tendencies and outlooks, which then contribute to the development of the nation’s real estate market and economy. Furthermore, the KAB Real Estate Research Inst. will not only continue their research for the advancement of the real estate public announcement system and real estate policies, but also strive to become an internationally recognized real estate market research facility by producing foreign real estate market analysis indices as well.